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New Gamma Camera Department at Royal Surrey Hospital

 CLIENT – Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust
VALUE – 570K
DURATION – 20 Weeks

Project Information:

The new Gamma Camera Department at Royal Surrey Hospital normally involves the injection of a radioactive drug followed by images of the distribution of that drug within the body. Most tests will require an initial injection followed by a delay of a specified time followed by a set of images. Gamma cameras typically consist of large-area sodium iodide scintillation detectors that are highly sensitive for the detection of low levels of radioactivity in the body.

The department refubishement was carried out in 3 phases of work.

1st Phase – Temporary relocation in order for the other phases to commence

2nd – Installation of Gamma Camera Scanning Room and Reception Area

3rd – Gamma Camera Scanning Room and Consulting Rooms


 The new Gamma Camera Department at Royal Surrey Hospital consisted of the following:

-New partitions
-Code 4 Lead lining of new surrounding areas
-Mechanical (new ventilation, AC installation, pipework reconfiguration and new sanitary ware).
-New Acrovyn doorsets
-Installation of new lead-lined ceiling
-Installation of lead-lined pass through hatches
-Suspended ceilings
-LED skylight panels in Scanning Room


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